Understand How Sound and Music Heals and Transforms

Take a historical journey through sacred and healing sound and music practices from ancient and indigenous cultures around the world. Discover the latest remarkable practical applications—now proven by contemporary scientific research—for managing your mind, body, and spirit. 

Flicka Rahn and Tammy McCrary co-authored The Transformational Power of Sound and Music: A Handbook for Sound Healers and Musicians as a guide and resource for those desiring to understand and experience sound and music as a source of healing and transformation. 

This book explains how this power has been used throughout history and how you can use sound and music to heal today.

In this book you will learn how:

Everything in the physical world is endowed with a vibrational frequency—often beyond the range of human hearing.

Cancer cells die through exposure to ascending musical scales, while healthy cells are left unharmed.

The conscious intention of a music maker is discernibly conveyed to listeners in the music that is made.

Physical pain may be diminished or eradicated with vocal toning.

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"Out of the many books written about the healing aspects of music, The Transformational Power of Sound and Music by Flicka Rahn and Tammy McCrary rises to the top, This handbook explains how and why music allows us to experience our Divine selves. As we move into this emerging era of unity, one of the most powerful ways to connect one heart to another is through music. This is the guide to give you practical keys for this unity connection using music for profound spiritual transformation."

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder and Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center

"It is rare to find a music industry executive who shares such practical yet heartfelt knowledge about the power and influence that music has on the listener's body, mind and spirit. In her chapter, The Emerging Visions of Sound Healing in the 21st Century, Tammy shines the light on the importance of musicians taking a conscious and responsible approach to music making."

Marianne Williamson

"Flicka and Tammy have masterfully written THE HANDBOOK for artists to consciously take their music to the next level. The Transformational Power of Sound and Music is a must read for all music makers."

Chaka Khan  

10-time GRAMMY® Award Winning Recording Artist

"As a psychologist, my aim is to help clients create harmonious lives. It impresses me that sound and music can be a pathway to calming our emotions and restoring inner peace. Rahn and McCrary have done brilliant work in this book explaining how we may empower ourselves to heal and soothe body, mind and soul, an essential capability in the stressful world in which we live."

Davina Kotulski, Ph.D.

Psychologist and author of It's Never Too Late to be Your Self

"Flicka Rahn's book comes to us in the midst of a revolution of health and healing. She brilliantly brings together the ancient history of music of sound that provides the foundation for our understanding of how greatly powerful sound and music can be in health and wellness. She eloquently tells of ancient traditions of using certain rhythms, sounds and vibrations and then delves into the scientific research that supports sound and music as a way to deeply heal the human body , spirit and soul."

Suzanne K. Gazda, M.D.

Nuerologist and Humanitarian, Founder, Destiny Health and Wellness and HopeforHumans.org

Flicka Rahn

Tammy McCrary

About the Authors

Collectively the authors, Flicka Rahn and Tammy McCrary have more than 5 decades of practical and professional experience in the field of music.

The authors met under challenging and dire circumstances. Tammy's brother had suffered a major stroke and she sought the services of Flicka to help restore his health.

When the two first met, they envisioned co-creating this book, The Transformational Power of Sound and Music to not only share the miracle of what they experienced, but to enlighten others about the healing nature of sound and music. 

By joining forces the two have co-created a sound healing app called Innergy Tuner (to elevate one's mood state and balance the chakras) which will be released in December 2018; they present Transformational Power of Sound and Music workshops; and have started the Life in 432 movement with partners Alanna Luna, Eric Rankin, Debbie Littrell-Ventura and Jamie Mentzer in the Transcendence Experience.